Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Aftermath

Last night, November 4th, 2008, we (not myself personally, but other Americans) elected Barack Obama President of the United States.

For posterity, I would like to preserve a few of the headlines from November 5th, 2008:

"Wall Street plunges as Investors Ponder Obama Presidency"

"Russia Threatens to Electronically Jam U.S. Missile Shield"

"Russia Places Missiles on EU Border"

"Iran Warns US Not to Violate Airspace"

"Hamas Fires Over 35 Rockets Towards Israel"

"Israel Launches First Airstrike on Gaza Since June"

"Jogger Runs Mile With Rabid Fox Locked on Her Arm"

Dow: -5% Nasdaq: -5.5%

So, our economy is tanking even further, our enemies are emboldened, and rabid animals have descended to feast on our recreational runners. Good decision we made there.

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