Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day Tribute

In honor of President's Day, I've decided to bequeath a whole slew of little known, but still completely true, facts about our great nation's leaders.

A few of the fun facts I’ve come across over the course of my studies:

* Andrew Jackson was the first President to order the expulsion of a French Ambassador - by cannon.

* George Washington could walk on water - but tragically, only if no one was looking.

* Dwight Eisenhower is the only President to pass the Folgers Crystals test.

* The Cuban Missile Crisis was actually caused by JFK’s incessant drunk-dialing of the Kremlin. It was only averted when he promised to stop referring to Politburo as a bunch of ‘vodka swilling chowda heads’.

* After decades of research by dozens of historians, the general consensus is that Chester A. Arthur was actually a figment of America’s collective imagination.

* Before becoming President, Martin Van Buren was a children's cereal mascot.

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